The Small Businessman has many avenues for the casual or discriminating shopper. Most will give you an email link to request a price or to double check availability before ordering.

The Small Businessman / Sam’s Club shopping cart. Here you will find everything from rare statues to over sixty lines of action figures. There are fine art prints, giclee’s and paintings. You can always click on a link to check for availability or to make an offer. You can even purchase an SBM membership and pay for your website services.

The Small Businessman on Ebay - Here you will find what we have on Ebay today.

The Small Businessman on Craig’s List - This site handles items from clothing irons and toasters to fine furniture, mostly for Sacramento area pick-up. However, small items can be shipped upon request and after payment is received. I also sometimes accept trades on this site. You might even trade me your bedroom furniture for one of mine. - This is a new site geared for discriminating art collectors in Northern California. Most art is tropical in nature and represents the type of work you might find in Hawaii or Laguna Beach. Again, you can make offers and check availability.

The Small Businessman’s “Old Store Pages” - These were fun pages with details about products not found elsewhere but sometimes available on the Small Businessman’s shopping cart. There’s a lot of good action figure stuff here.

Want to shop the old fashioned way? Just give me a call at (916) 435-9090 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Pacific time.