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Use this site to find items that have been carried by the Small Businessman. DO NOT USE PAYPAL BUTTONS ON THIS SITE. It will not generate the proper shipping charges. PayPal is working on the problem with their shopping cart system as of 10/4/07.

Instead, simply email The Small Businessman to let us know the description, quantity and UPC (0-00000-99999-0) of the item(s) you want. YOU CAN ALSO MAKE AN OFFER. The Small Businessman will return your email with the proper shipping and handling (and CA tax for California residents). On some occasions, I may be sold out on this old site and on even rarer occasions, the item can't be found in inventory because the old site does not track inventory. Still, I love these original pages because they get me in the Action Figure mood. I hate to remove them. There are rare and undervalued items listed here that can't be found easily elsewhere. ENJOY!

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Alien Couching Tiger Lady Death Star Gate SG-1
ANIME Danger Girls Lost in Space STAR TREK
Aquaman Dark Alliance Lost World Jurassic STAR WARS
Austin Powers Dark Hylde Mad Max Street Fighter
Avengers Darkstalkers MARVEL Tekken
Batman Dawn Matrix Tenchi
Battlefield Earth Diablo Men in Black Titan A.E
Buffy FarScape Metal Gear Tomb Raider
Bug's Life Final Fantasy Mulan Turok
Crimson Flash Munsters Vampirella
Flash Gordon Power Rangers Wild Wild West
Godzilla Saturday Night Live Wing Commander
Green Hornet Sharkman Witchblade
Green Lantern Silent Screamers X-Files
Hollywood Movie Simpsons X-Men
Kiss Sleepy Hollow Xena
Krofft Superstars Spawn Xyber9


Beanie Babies


SANRIO Hello Kitty & Spottie Dottie