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Michael Patrick Murphy, DBA "The Small Businessman"
11th of February, 2008

The beautiful thing about America is that anyone can become president. They ugly part is that anyone can become president. The same thing is true of those becoming small business owners.

The reason some choose this route is because they don't like folks telling them how to live their lives. They tend to be fiercely independent.

There are two kinds of freedom.

One kind is free from responsibility and the other requires it. Too many small businesses owners expect that small business freedom frees them from responsibility, when in fact they often become more encumbered by responsibility than they were when they worked for someone else. These folks are in for a rude awakening that may almost immediately cost them their business. During the housing boom, many in affluent areas would sell multi million dollar homes, move to a more rural area and then buy an equivalent home for half as much and spend the remainder on opening a new pizza joint.

Reality would hit hard! They found that small business wasn't only about making a great pizza. They would often find themselves absorbed by 12-16 hour days, or worse, delegating the whole thing to someone else as an absentee owner.

New owners are submerged by responsibilities. They now had to directly answer to government and taxing authorities, the bane of small business existence. They found themselves liable in court and had to deal with employees and all that entails. They were now "owned" by landlords, employees, the government and worse yet, customers! This doesn't even acknowledge the impact of corporate competition with their bevy of retained lawyers and lobbyists, marketing departments and other economies of scale–all working to put you out of business!

The government perpetuates the myth of small business hood by inflating the numbers of small businesses by including all the unemployed that sell on ebay and who might otherwise be included in the roll of unemployed.

It comes as a shock to these folks that small business is so much more than making a great pizza and allowing "word of mouth" to grow the business.

And worse yet, with every turn in the economy, it's the small businessman that seems to suffer most. He is the most likely to lose everything in the business and possibly even his home and other personal assets.

The small business owner must be an energetic competitor willing to put in the hours of service to providers and customers. The odds are against success and he or she must understand that going in.

We could all run for President. Does that mean that we all should? Anyone can open a business. Does that mean that you should?

I wish folks would get my membership before shedding their old skins to become small business owners. At least they might enter their new life with both eyes wide open. This is why my company exists. I'm here to educate, promote and support the small and micro businesses in America. Consider a $9.00 membership and help us help each other beat the odds. Help to once again make small businesses the profitable heart and soul of America .

In a sense, the Small Businessman exists to create better small business candidates. At least you'll enter the fray that much more prepared for the "presidential" job ahead.

Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of two books. The Greens ISBN 13: 9780595133055 and The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5. Both are available online or from your favorite bookstores by special order. Mike also ran for the California State Assembly in 2006.

Mike can be reached at mmurphy@smallbusinessman.com